Leonardo Chavez

Phenotyping Technician at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

About Me

I am a 2010 graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. I have years of experience working with people to be interested in all topics of science to build a life long passion for learning. I enjoy having discussions on the science behind modern technology and research that will improve our lives for the future.

Phenotyping Technician

Currently employed as a Phenotyping Technician at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Working with a LemnaTec Scanalyzer 3D platform integrated with a Conviron Growth House. This high-throughput platform can hold 1140 plants and able to produce daily images from the side and top view of plants in a non-destructive manner.

Hobbies and Interest

Science and technology are my top interest. I enjoy spending time tending to my garden and teaching myself computer programming. Currently focusing alot of my time taking online courses in computer science learning to code. Recently I redesigned the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Maker Group web page and regularly enjoy trying maker projects to practice working with electronics and coding in new languages.

Volunteer Services

Active volunteer at the Fairmont City Library for over 5 years. Helped develop programs for teens and introducing my home town community to the benefits of library services. Specializing in working with kids and developing programs that includes focused activities on conserving resources and helped establish a community garden using recycled materials.